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Freezer baskets can break, and finding new ones can be often a bit of “head hunting” especially if your freezer is a bit out of fashion and not produced anymore. But what can you do? Living without one or trying to find something that fits the space? I personally would go with the second solution, lets face it, to work perfectly well together freezer and basket don’t need to share the same brand name, they just need to fit each other. So here my easy steps in choosing a new, fitting freezer basket.

Best way
Contact the manufacturer and ask them if they still have some some where in store. For contact info refer to the manual that came with your freezer or just do a Google search for their company name. If that fails and the answer is that they don’t stock this particular brand anymore, go to the second step.

Second best way
Measure your old, broken, basket, or if you already have thrown it away, measure the space where your new basket has to fit in. Now you have to do a bit of hunting around, either online or offline to find a freezer basket of similar dimensions. Remember, the most important bit are the length and the way the basket rests on the rim of the freezer opening

Freezer Baskets

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Third best way
I tell you a little secret, you actually don’t need a dedicated freezer basket, every plastic or coated metal basket that has the fitting size will do. Be creative and wise, perhaps you could also just stack two or three on top of each other in one corner instead of hanging them? Remember, baskets are there to keep our life that little bit more organized and tidy, nothing more, nothing less.

Last but not least, a few words on how to care best for your new piece of kitchen equipment. First of all, always read the freaking manual (RTFM), normally that should be quite short in this case 😉 The most important thing you want to know if your new basket is dishwasher safe or not. If yes, life just has become easy for you, if not, you just have to clean it from time to time with some warm, soapy water. Make sure to rinse and dry it well and you are good to go.

Keeping your freezer basket organized
The reason why I love using baskets for all sorts of tasks is that they keep things that belong together together and organized. For example, in our chest freezer I use the basket to keep all things on top that have been already opened. Bags of peas, chips, etc all sealed with a clip and easy to reach. This way I avoid that a second bag of something is opened before the first one is empty, easy, peasy as they say 😉

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